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Posted on 2017.05.14 at 18:40
I started working at Universal Tattoo a few weeks ago! I love it. I feel right at home. I am hoping to give my two weeks notice soon , we shall see! Here comes the crazy part: I somehow have found myself seeing the dude I am supposed to be replacing. Yep, the dude that is training me XD . We've been keeping it a secret, and I feel like it is slowly eating away at me. I told him today that maybe we should just be friends. Shouldn't be dating anyone at the shop, I don't want to get fired over this. He's bummed, I'm bummed.. We'll see what happens.

Posted on 2017.04.19 at 22:28
I've been on a few dates with an amazing dude. Tonight was technically our fourth date. He's pretty amazing and we are so open to talking honestly. I really like him. I have a really good feeling about him. He's a little different when it comes to guys I go for, he's more of a football player type. I'm so into it.

Posted on 2017.03.26 at 18:49
I applied to the Canadian Armed Forces a little while ago, and I got an email back saying they want me for an aptitude test/physical test in April. So as of yesterday, I have began training in order to prepare myself for it. It is going to be hard work, but I feel like I have the determination to do it.

Posted on 2017.03.16 at 00:16
I literally had the best date ever. This was a second date. The first one I was beyond shy, and this one was just AMAZING. It was very simple. Go for coffee and then drive around. We felt like we were kids. We ended up drifting, racing, drinking coffee, and sooo many laughs. He also very sweetly taught me how to drive manual! It was actually really cute, he would put his hand over mine and guide me through it. uhgidhgdhfkghdfg And we finally kissed :) I hope we'll be hanging out again soon.

Posted on 2017.03.13 at 19:03
I don't really have much to say other than I keep going out on weekends. And as fun as that is, I am also 26 years old puking on the sidewalk basically every time. I also have had bruises and scrapes on my knees for like two months from falling drunk on separate occasions.. Yup. I'm one of those people. I wish I could be at home cuddling with a bf but I have no one. My bff is starting to piss me off as she is being insulting to me. Not understanding my life, and making fun of others (basically still making fun of me in the long run) .. I am not part of that life. Judging and laughing at others. I let it slide but I feel like if she keeps it up I am going to get seriously upset.

Posted on 2017.02.26 at 18:47
Why am I the way I am? So consumed by love and wanting love. It takes over my every day life and becomes the only goal I want so badly. When will it be my turn ............

Posted on 2017.02.20 at 18:04
I hungout with C, ended up having a really great time. The whole night was filled with fun, flirty vibes. Hugs, kisses on the cheek, and laughs. There's something quite special about getting to know someone at the very beginning.

Posted on 2017.01.30 at 20:24
Dreaming BIG 😍 photo belongs to @hoboarchitect

Craving adventure. One day at a time.. I have found myself enamoured with the thought of travelling in a van. I am going to continue reading into this.

Posted on 2017.01.29 at 14:23
I have been craving adventure for some time now. Katt and I have decided to plan a camping trip, just the two of us. I feel like this would be so much fun! We will probably do that in the summer time. So in the mean time, I need to come up with some ideas as to what I can do! Possible options, snow shoeing, ice fishing, visit the museum of nature, visit a waterfall, etc. Hmmm

Posted on 2017.01.22 at 15:03
I had an amazing time on my date. We started off at the Manx, really great food and conversation. We then went on a little adventure and walked around the parliament in the snow and had a blast. Since then, we hungout on Friday and last night. On Friday I had began questioning if we were just friends hanging out or if he had the same attraction that I did. We built a fire at his house and he went for it and kissed me. Greatest moment! We ended up having sex , twice, and it was awesome. Then last night I was having a girls night and afterwards took an Uber and went to his house. Pretty much instantly started kissing. He's great.

He has this positivity about him, and is such a genuine person. He makes me feel awesome and makes me want to be a better person. I feel like this is the start of something great. I don't want to rush into anything. But so far things have been really nice.

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